Integrated dumpsite solution

Country: Switzerland/Serbia

Location: Hindelbank (CH), Trstenik (SRB)

Start Date:

Duration: 2 months

Organization: Hofstetter Gastechnik AG, Hofstetter Gastechnik is an internationally established plant manufacturer operating in the field of environmental solutions with globally more than 200 references in the last five years.

Section: - Sciences et ingénierie de l'environnement (SIE)


Description of the project:

A serious challenge is being posed to Serbia, where no solutions are being offered for landfill gas or leachate at over 100 dumpsites. These dumpsites are polluting the air and soil, as well as surface and underground waters. Many of these landfills have no access to the electricity grid; which is problematic as landfill technologies such as degassing systems and leachate treatment plants rely on electricity for operation.
In Trstenik, Hofstetter Gastechnik will prove the concept of an innovative and probably unique solution, which is capable of managing the gas and leachate of off-grid landfills. A system called “Auttonomous” will safely combust landfill gas in a gas engine which produces electricity that can be utilised on-site. Part of the produced energy will be used to power a compact reverse osmosis unit for landfill leachate treatment. These measures should reduce significantly the landfills’ impact on the environment. Project partially financed by REPIC:

Description of internship position:

  • Participate at project management
  • Help on site for installation, commissioning, training
  • Prepare project overview

Required skills of intern:

  • English language
  • Open mind / ready to learn
  • Basic environmental and landfills technologies knowledge

Accomodation provided: No

Meals provided: No

Contact: Alin Schiopu, The part of internship for which transport and visa (if needed) will be paid lasts 2 months: approximately 1 month in Switzerland and 1 month in Serbia. If the student is interested in longer internship, contact the internship responsible