Development of flood alert systems (FAS)

Country: Greece

Location: Mytilene, Lesvos

Start Date:

Duration: 3 months

Organization: University of the Aegean,  

Description of the organization :

The University of the Aegean (UAEG) has been founded on six different islands in the Aegean Sea and includes 18 Departments (

 The Marine Science Department (DMS) supports academic activities in the fields of earth system science, oceanography and marine biosciences. Ourania Tzoraki is member of the Coastal Morphodynamics-Management and Marine Geology Laboratory of the DMS, which focus on the study of the river basin and the coastal zone, with its main aims being the education/training of undergraduate and postgraduate students in basic and applied research. Main research directions are the river hydrology, water safety, the impacts of climate change on the water resources and the river restoration. The nature of the river basin and coastal processes requires interdisciplinary approaches and cooperation with the other academic staff of the DMS and the Department of Geography as well as with scientists from academic institutions in Greece and abroad.

Description of the Internship :

Many catastrophic flood events causing serious damage and threatening human life are recorded each year in the Mediterranean area. In the future under projected climate change, an increase in flood frequency and magnitude is expected. In an area where water limitation is a major concern, a priority for river basin managers is to estimate and improve the retention of rainwater in the catchment while also controlling the effect of floods. This requires improved understanding of the flood generating processes for the successful design of the flood relief and related schemes. Kalloni area (Lesvos) is suffering by hazardous floods and an flood alert system (FAS)  is recently developed.  The objective of the  internship is to improve the algorithm of the FAS with the use of neuron networks.

Profile of the Intern : 

Strong programming. Knowledge of neuron networks programming or other stochastic series is essential.

Accomodation provided : No

Meals Provided : No, but access to university restaurant that offers (breakfast, meal and dinner with total cost of 3 euros)

Other comments : The student could also apply for Erasmus+ mobility and to cover with that way some of the accommodation costs.

Contact : Ourania Tzoraki,

Section: - Informatique (IN) - Systèmes de Communication (SC)