Design of Renewable Energy System



Design of Renewable Energy System


Location : Vientiane, Laos or Yangon, Myanmar

Duration : 4-6 months

Availability : from February 2018

Hosting structure : Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd

Sunlabob Renewable Energy (Sunlabob) is a venture-backed internationally-focused company specializing in renewable energy and clean water solutions throughout the developing world. Established in 2000, the company has expanded far beyond its initial focus in Laos, now providing its integrated expertise of rural electrification and renewable energy to governments, multilateral development agencies, multinational companies, NGOs and SMEs throughout Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific. The company to-date has offices in Vientiane, Laos (HQ), Yangon, Myanmar, and Singapore.

Project description: Sunlabob’s engineering internship is a fantastic way for students to make a meaningful impact in developing countries, while gaining valuable professional experience. The internship requires a full time commitment of at least 4 months, and roles are available in either the Vientiane office in Laos or the Yangon office in Myanmar, depending on expected needs. The intern will work closely with a multi-cultural team of engineers and project managers and provide engineering support for Sunlabob projects. Successful completion of the internship will rely on strong technical and communication skills, and an excellent work ethic.


  • Designing renewable energy systems using Helioscope, HOMER, Excel and other software
  • Drawing electrical single line diagrams and system designs using AutoCAD
  • Conducting site assessments
  • Assisting with tender bid submissions
  • Project proposal and documentation development
  • Project implementation and on-site supervision support
  • Energy efficiency assessments
  • Developing and maintaining Sunlabob’s internal databases and knowledgebase
  • Continual improvement of Sunlabob’s processes


Required skills:

  • Technical knowledge and experience in at least one of the following areas: Renewable energy systems (particularly solar PV systems), off-grid power systems, mini-grids/micro-grids, building electrical systems, electrical distribution, battery technology, commercial energy efficiency or construction projects.
  • Familiarity with electrical components and electrical engineering
  • Experience with AutoCAD or other drawing tools
  • Experience with design tools such as Helioscope, HOMER, PVSyst and Excel
  • Ability to interpret technical details and site drawings, and communicate effectively about them
  • Self-motivated, self-starter who can work independently
  • Creative and adaptive problem solver


Contact : Alberto Jeronimo, Xavier Kerkhofs  [,]


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